Firm Philosophy

“Your Business Counsel.” Those words aren’t just a motto for our firm. It’s how we practice law. We put the business interests of the client first and provide practical business solutions.

At Lanciano & Associates, our success is built upon the following core beliefs:

Law vs. Life

Understanding the interplay between the law as written and its real-world implications for the client and their commercial interests to provide practical business advice.

Understanding the Client and Their Business Needs

Taking the time to understand the client’s business and then craft solutions that take into account the client’s needs and achieve their business objectives.

Listening to the Client

Understanding that listening to the client is key to successful outcomes.

No Legalese

Providing real business solutions — not confusing legal theory or jargon.

Practical Staffing

Staffing each project with the minimum number of attorneys necessary to competently complete the task.


Tirelessly committed to achieving the best possible outcome for each client.

Cost Effectiveness

Providing the highest quality legal services at fair and reasonable rates.

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