Business Formation and Dissolution

Lanciano & Associates, L.L.C. offers customized legal services to business clients from the startup, to the wind down of a business entity. We assist new ventures and growing businesses with choice of entity, business formation, and related preparation and filing of all necessary organizational documents to establish a business in good standing under state laws. We obtain all necessary licenses, and permits and assure compliance with federal, state and local regulations. Knowledgeable and skilled legal representation in the planning and formation of a business will have a significant, positive effect on a company's future. Our firm's counsel in the formation stage can help improve a new venture's profits, shelter owners from personal liability, and increase flexibility in decision-making and corporate governance in order to readily take advantage of new business opportunities as they arise.

We also advise our clients on ownership transitions and the wind down and dissolution of companies. These matters are often very complex and have significant financial, tax and accounting implications for all parties involved. We will identify the interests involved, structure and offer solutions that, where possible, will create a positive outcome that protects our clients' financial interests, minimizes tax liabilities and maximize benefits to them.